Mgr. Zdeňka Weberová - Forensic Translator
Hornická 144
273 05 Svinařov
Tel./Fax: +420 312 672 629
E-mail: zdenka@weberova.cz

Our services:

  • Forensic interpreting and certification of translations
  • Verification, correction and certification (issuing of the "Interpreter's Clause") of submitted translations
  • Translations of all kinds ranging from simple documents to business and legal writings
  • PC processing of documents using the latest WP and DTP software - translations can be obtained in various formats on a floppy disk, sent by E-mail or fax

Important note about forensic verification
Please note that should you require forensic certification of translations, the translated text must be bound together and sealed with the original document for the certificate (the Interpreter's clause) to be legally valid.
Therefore, clients wanting to keep their original documents separately (eg. for future use), should first obtain a certified copy of the said document.
The forensic cerification of copies is carried out by most offices of the State Notary.

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